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Western Carriers is the leader in wine storage and temperature-controlled transportation serving private collectors, auction houses, restaurants, importers, retailers, and insurance companies. We apply care and expertise so your wine is always in safe hands. The protection and preservation of your collection is our highest priority.

Reliable Service

Western Carriers is the leading fine wine storage facility serving New York wine collectors. We understand that storing your wine collection at your apartment or house is not always feasible or desirable. To meet the needs of the growing New York private collector market, Western has been providing medium-term and long-term wine storage services for over 30 years. At Western, you will benefit from our expertise in managing collections and have convenient access to your wine as we are located 20 minutes from New York.


Western sets the standard on storing fine wine collections. We continually invest in technology, processes, and training for our people to make sure our inventory control, accuracy, and customer service are the best in the business. Upon receipt of your wine at our warehouse, your wine is barcoded and tracked in our real-time inventory system. You can manage your collection as if it were in your home cellar. When you need your wine, place an order on our website, and our dedicated staff will process and prepare your order. Your order will be available the following business day, and we provide next-day temperature controlled delivery service to New York.

Safe and Secure

We love fine wine, and many of us have become collectors over the years, just like you. So we understand that your wine collection is irreplaceable. No one takes the responsibility of protecting and preserving your wine more seriously than we do. We store your wine in our secure, climate-controlled warehouse. Our security system includes 24x7 guards, an alarm monitoring system, and video surveillance. We also have an on-site, back-up generator to maintain the optimal environment for wine collection storage at all times.
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